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Hello i’m Yvette

Kent Web and Brand Designer

I take the guesswork, tech overwhelm & anxiety out of website design & branding so you can focus on what you do best – your zone of genius.

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Hi, I’m Yvette and I live in Kent, a mere 37 minutes away from London by high-speed train or an hour and a half ride to Paris!

My professional background consists of design, sales, and marketing with more than three decades of experience in both domestic and international markets.

Why Websites

In 2016, Lemonade Design Co was born out of adversities following an unfortunate surgical event. Today, I am passionate about helping small-to-medium companies in their online business endeavours as well as their brand identity development.

Technology can be intimidating but I am here to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed while navigating it, leaving you to get on doing what you do best.

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MY JOURNEY to becoming a Web and Brand Designer

1989 to 1996 - Sales & Marketing

I worked in Sales and Marketing for various Blue Chip Companies as well as running my own soft furnishing business.

1996 to 2002 - Lived in USA + Canada

Moved to West Palm Beach with husband's work, and later to Old Saybrook, Connecticut and then in 2000 we moved to Stratford, Ontario Canada where I worked for an Interior Design Company

2002 to 2007 - Sales & Marketing

In 2002 we returned back to the UK and moved to Kent, where I worked for NFU Mutual and Business Link Kent, where I started my own business - Yvette Craig Photography.

2005 - 2015 - Yvette Craig Photography

In 2007 after running Yvette Craig Photography part-time I left Business Link Kent and went full time in my photography business, where I won many different awards including 'Kent Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012'. Also in 2012 I meet Melissa Love of the Design Space, little did I know that chance meeting would one day too a complete career change.

2016 to present

Back in 2015, I had surgery on my spine that went wrong, and was left with no other option than to give up photography. But then Melissa Love from The Design Space came along and changed my perspective - she gave me the confidence to re-train as a web and brand designer, starting out as her freelance worker before finally branching out on my own with Lemonade Design Co. And I haven't regretted it for one second; through this venture, I get to do what I love most about design.

WHAT my clients say…

Yvette is brilliant to work with. She’s incredibly intuitive at honing in your likes and dislikes of design to produce a website that you’ll love in record time. She’s easy to work with, explains what she’s doing and why and makes sure you’re 100% happy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yvette and look forward to working with her again.

Katie, Virtually Does It, UK

Fun facts about ME!

How do you say your name?

Lots of people get really confused about how to say or spell my name!

So to pronounce it correctly it’s E vett, the Y is pronounced as an E and the last E is silent!

A lot of people get really confused and pronounce it a Y vett E

Where are you from?

I was born in a small village in the Midlands, called Alvechurch, which is south of Birmingham and later I moved to Redditch. A move Stateside took me to West Palm Beach, Florida, then on to Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and finally  Stratford, Ontario, Canada before moving to Kent in 2002.

How old are you?

This is one question I get asked this question a lot… I was born in 1962, so the same age as Tom Cruise! All I can say is, that it must have been a good year as we are wearing well!

Do you have children?

Yes, I am a Mum to three grown sons and have three grandchildren.

Dog or Cat?

Absolutely without a doubt, dogs. We currently have just one West Highland Terriers and have had four previous Westies that are no longer with us. Our favourite was Hamish (but don’t tell Millie) – he was super cool and Canadian and he flew back with us to the UK!

Something that hardly anyone knows...

I had a screen test to be a presenter on Changing Rooms! Oh, how I would have loved to go head-to-head with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!

Tea or Coffee?

Depends on my mood! I start the day with a Peppermint & Liquorice Teapig and then normally have one coffee before switching to water!

Favourite Country?

Canada… I keep hoping two of my sons will move there so I can go back!

Favourite City?

Chicago, the architecture is stunning!

Favourite Music?

Country Music – I listen to Country Line all day long!

Favourite Music?

Country Music – I listen to Country Line all day long!

Favourite Colour?

In the home, I love neutral tones, but to wear I can carry off yellow and orange really well! It always surprises me that there is no orange in my brand!!
Photo of Yvette Craig in Jeans and black top

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