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Cur8able is a health and fashion technology company working to make AI smarter by making it more inclusive of people with disabilities. 

the Issue

I was approached by Stephanie Thomas of Cur8able to create a website for her business, the fashion journalist and stylist has dedicated herself to facilitating the fashion system’s awareness of disability dressing for over 20 years. Stephanie needed a website that reflects what she does and is also accessible, especially given that her clients have disabilities.

She also wanted a website that could grow as her business does and needed to be built to a very tight budget, but still look professional.

the Solution

I designed a single-page website that illustrates how Cur8able collaborates with B2B partners to demonstrate the adaptability of off-the-peg items for individuals with disabilities.

Website Design: I designed the website using Kadence for WordPress and incorporated accessibility tools to guarantee inclusivity for all users.

Visual Theme: The website is very bright and whilst the Brand Design that I did is very neutral it gets the bold and striking feel from the AI-generated imagery that was used on the website.

Content Structure: I designed the one-page website to be concise and captivating. Its layout guides visitors smoothly through key information, ensuring clarity and engagement. You’ll find clear calls to action and convenient links for newsletter sign-ups readily available.

Imagery: The imagery was all AI-generated by Stephanie and will evolve along with the business.

Brand Identity: The brand identity encompassed several elements, with the most prominent being the logo:

Logo Design: The logo was a refresh of a previous logo design and features the 8 as a prominent part of the design.

Colour Palette: The colour palette was kept to a neutral and black them so as to allow brighter imagery shine.

Typography: I selected typefaces to resonate with the brand’s identity, ensuring they strike a balance between a classic, timeless aesthetic and optimal readability. This deliberate choice also prioritises accessibility, enhancing the overall user experience.

Consistency: Maintaining a consistent American theme was crucial throughout the project. This meant that the design elements, colour schemes, and imagery used in the website and brand identity needed to harmonise seamlessly.

Overall, this project aimed to create a captivating online presence for Erriot Wood Pumpkins that celebrated the spirit of American pumpkin picking. The combination of the one-page website and the distinctive brand design, with the old American truck as the focal point, contributed to a compelling and memorable representation of the pumpkin-picking experience in Lynsted, Kent, with an authentic American twist.

” I’m really happy with the website, it’s better than I thought a one page website would be and adding in the new imagery makes it feel like it’s come alive. “

Stephanie Thomas – Cur8able

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